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Project Description
redir.git A TCP port redirector for UNIX
watchdogd.git Extended version of uClinux-dist watchdogd. Monitor loadavg, free file descriptors... Jekyll source for blog. Old Octopress blog in separate branch.
merecat.git Merecat httpd is a mongoose inspired fork of sthttpd, which is a fork of thttpd
netcalc.git Simplified clone of sipcalc with ipcalc looks
mcjoin.git Tiny multicast testing tool for UNIX
resume.git Curriculum Vitae
xplugd.git Monitor, keyboard, and mouse plug/unplug helper for X
gul.git The one true GUL editor!
mrouted.git An implementation of DVMRP for Linux & BSD. The first multicast routing protocol...
finit.git Small and extensible Fast init for Linux systems. Cookies included.
uftpd.git TFTP/FTP server for Linux that just works™
smcroute.git Static multicast routing daemon for Linux & BSD. New features: config file support...
mtools.git Tools for multicast testing (msend and mreceive) from
pimd.git The original PIM-SM multicast routing daemon.
mini-snmpd.git Mini SNMP is a minimal implementation of an SNMP daemon targeted at small or embedded...
lipify.git C API for
mdnsd.git Jeremie Miller's original mdnsd
inadyn.git Small DynDNS client with SSL/TLS support. Connects an Internet hostname to your dynam...
uredir.git A UDP port redirector for UNIX
omping.git Open Multicast Ping (omping) is a tool for testing IPv4/IPv6 multicast connectivity...
snake.git Micro Snake, based on Simon Huggins snake game.
advent4.git Classical Colossal Cave Adventure
tetris.git Micro Tetris™, based on the 1989 IOCCC Obfuscated Tetris by John Tromp
libuev.git Small and simple event loop.
editline.git Minix editline: A free readline() for UNIX/Linux that works without ncurses!
libite.git That missing frog DNA you've been looking for. MIT/X11/ISC/BSD License.
toolbox.git Misc. home brewed code, free to use under GPL/MIT/ISC, see each snippet for license.
ubot.git Very small and stupid irc bot
TroglOS.git A virtual devboard for evaluating embedded Linux components.